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Tony Wheeler

'Slice of heavy metal heaven' by Tony Wheeler

'Slice of heavy metal heaven' by Tony Wheeler


'Slice of heavy metal heaven' by Tony Wheeler 

70cm x 60cm

Oil on canvas


Artist statement.

This is my work: dark, humorous, love, madness, narrative.

I'm influenced largely by Latin American art and one artist who has had an impact is Ana Maria Pacheco.

I'm a compulsive drawer, which serves as both a backbone to my paintings and a visual diary, incorporating an amalgamation of the surrounding environment and surrealist tendencies. I create a variety of visual scenarios using my own established characters and will often jump between events in every day life and the world to images I've had in a dream or impressions of psychological disarray.

Over the past few years I've become increasingly interested in expressing themes of love and madness and in the back of my mind I've often thought of Sappho and wondered if I could paint that feeling of rejection and emotion as she threw herself to her death.

There is a strong element of the narrative to my work and as my creative journey continues I find myself sewing together a patchwork quilt of ideas incorporating elements of symbolism to create the overall harmony of the intended voice for the piece of work in question. A visual language inherent of my experience and the passage of time.

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