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'All is More is Nothing'   18th March - 18th April 2016

New Paintings and Sculpture by Ian Rayer-Smith


This exhibition explores the notion of sublimity in contemporary art - the artist’s quest to create something beautiful, thus having the power to provoke an emotional response. It is akin to how a piece of music can reduce you to tears. Sublimity is a recurring subject throughout art history, notably Barnet Newman’s 1948 article ‘Sublime is now’ and more recently Julian Bell’s ‘Contemporary Art and the Sublime’ discussing the sublime in a contemporary art context. Ian is interested in when, as an artist one can create something that transcends the merely visual. He is concerned with aesthetics, the raw act of making, and when and how the results of this act create there own meaning. 

Ian's work is heavily influenced by automatic production and human expression. He explores using the conscious and sub-conscious through the act of making, a constant search for something. "I see this as a journey that I hope will never reach its destination. The process of production is the work, whether this be drawing, painting or sculpture. Each piece is a mere calculation to the next step. It evolves through dialogue between each drawing, painting and sculpture feeding into the next. I’m trying to avoid the recreation of something that already exists or even something that I have done before. I strive instead for a continual process of refreshment. I find reassurance from the quote from Richard Diebenkorn when he says “Don’t “discover” a subject — of any kind”. "

Obscurity and abstraction play a large role in Ian's work, so that much is left deliberately open to interpretation. Therefore he wants the viewer to have some kind of intimate experience from the work, perhaps something resembling the experience he had when making it. 

"I like surprising myself and creating things that I don't understand. ‘Bad’ painting or an ‘odd’ sculpture that are somehow pleasing, can work without really understanding why. If it is just ‘right’ even though it ‘shouldn't be’, somehow it works. This fascinates me and drives my practice." 




‘Ancoats- Sunsets and Swimsuits’ At Screaming Gander


New Art Gallery Launches in New Islington which Celebrates the Diverse Regeneration Area of the City    

A new Gallery of Contemporary Art opens its doors this September with an exhibition of photographs by local artist Lee Baxter.  Lee has a special connection with the area as he has made it his home, often taking photographs of the goings on outside his apartment. “There’s plenty here to inspire me”, explains Lee, “I like to capture real life and the diversity of this vibrant area and its inhabitants. This photographic exhibition of images taken over a 15 month period observes life and industrial landscapes around the ‘Ancoats Riviera’, capturing the flora & fauna, skylines, sunsets & local wildlife (feathered and human).

Located in the iconic ‘Chips’ building in New Islington, “Screaming Gander chose Lee’s photographs for its inaugural launch as it seemed the obvious choice to officially open the gallery with an exhibition that shows off this exciting and changing area of Manchester that we are in”, explains gallery owner Ian Rayer-Smith.

“Opening a new art gallery in Manchester seemed the perfect step to take. Manchester is booming, there has been a huge amount of investment in the city and in the arts, and it is set to become a credible alternative to London with international importance. With the redevelopment of the Whitworth Gallery, the opening of Home and the announcement of the new Warehouse development in the old Granda studios site, Manchester is an exciting place to be. This will help Manchester to retain and attract artistic talent nationally and internationally and build on that reputation”.

We specialise in the career development of mainly local emerging artists. Many artist already work in this area and have made it home rather than moving to London. Manchester is bound to attract more artists who find that working in London has become too expensive to work and live in.


‘Ancoats - Sunsets and Swimsuits’ opens with a Special Preview Event Thursday 10th September 2015.  6pm -9pm


Exhibition continues until20th September 2015, every day, 12 noon till 5pm (Closed on Mondays).

Viewing by appointment at other times.



‘Making Up For Lost Time’ 

A Major Solo Exhibition of New Large Landscape Paintings by Ian Rayer-Smith


At Stockport City Art Gallery in association with Screaming Gander 18th August until 18th September 2015

Preview Open Reception at the Upper Gallery 2-4.30pm Sat 22nd Aug 2015

Something’s About To Happen In Stockport

Opening this month is a major installation of new paintings by Manchester artist Ian Rayer-Smith. Ian has only been painting for a relatively short period of time. He had a successful career in the business corporate world before deciding to give all that up to pursue his dream to paint full-time. “I suppose I always had a deep yearning to do something more creative”, he explains,  “it’s the best thing I’ve ever done”. He was inspired to start painting nine years ago in his mid thirties, whilst buying a painting in the US on holiday, something happened in that moment and he decided that is what he wanted to do.


The first thing that strikes you when you’re confronted with Ian’s work is his exuberant colour pallet and expressive energy. He has a raw aesthetic which creates an interesting dynamic at this scale. His paintings have a romantic and historic quality yet seem both contemporary and fresh.

The fact that Ian came into painting later in life probably gives a clue to the title of this new show ‘Making up for lost time’. He works quickly to capture an expressive freedom, often working on many paintings at the same time in his studio in the Ancoats area of Manchester. “I love working alone and in this area, there is so much going on, I love the buzz and energy of this area, it seems to feed into the paintings”.


‘I get inspiration form all around me and from the Abstract Expressionists and Old Master Paintings.


Ian only graduated two years ago from the University of Salford, with a BA Hons (First Class) in Visual Art.  Since then he has exhibited all over the country and in London. He won first prize at last years Warrington Contemporary Art Festival and was recently selected for the Open West International Art Prize. Ian has a solo show of small scale paintings currently at the Gallery at Bank Quay House in Warrington until the 24th September.   


This is Ian’s first major solo show at the Stockport Gallery. “It’s such a vast space and I’m thrilled to have been invited to show my work there, there is a lot of good stuff going on in Stockport, which often gets overlooked with Manchester getting all of the attention right now. As well as my large scale paintings I will also be showing some smaller framed paintings. These smaller paintings are created alongside the larger work and they inform each other.


For more information please visit Please come along to the special preview launch event at the Gallery on Saturday 22nd August 2015, 2-4.20pm. The exhibition continues until the 18th September 2015.  



Stockport Art Gallery

Wellington Road South