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Ian RS Small works

'Breathe this air' 2015 by Ian Rayer-Smith

'Breathe this air' 2015 by Ian Rayer-Smith


Mixed media on board

30cm x 30cm

Complete with a contemporary bespoke wooden frame

Signed on the back by the artist


I like my paintings to exude a raw human energy. I want the process and the struggle to be evident in the marks. 

I begin each painting with specific outcomes in mind yet I allow myself to go off on tangents, embracing each accident and creating something new within it. This ensures the process is lively and exciting. 

I create images that interest me with historical references from Romantic eras and Renaissance painting, combined with expressive marks inspired by abstract expressionism and the outsider artists, whilst showing the sensuality of the materials. I’m trying to create paintings that seem both familiar but are fresh and contemporary. I want to raise more questions rather than give answers.

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